Colin’s Cardinal Dog Vs. T. Rebel’s Pheasant and Noodles


Not sure what it is about soup and a sandwich that makes the perfect mid-day (or really, any time of day) meal. For me, it’s all about the warm, hearty broth at the bottom of the bowl sopped up with the last of the sandwich. While this delicious combo is hard to beat on cool, autumn day, we’re going to make you choose one or the other this week as we do a head-to-head with F&S deputy editor and sandwich connoisseur, Colin Kearns, and Wild Chef reader (who also happens to be my girlfriend), T. Rebel.

Colin’s Cardinal Dog:**


At risk of losing votes to our readers in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and now Texas, I’ll begin by announcing my unconditional love for the St. Louis Cardinals–my hometown team. To commemorate the club’s surprise trip to the Fall Classic, I wanted to make something special before Wednesday’s Game 1. Something I’ve never made before. Something I’m calling the Cardinal Dog. What’s in the Cardinal Dog? I’m glad you asked. I grilled a venison sausage (courtesy of my Wild Chef cohort, Mr. Draper) and sauteed a red pepper and white onion (the colors of the Cardinals). Then I arranged them on a toasted pretzel roll smeared with spicy mustard and soft cheddar cheese. Served alongside a pile of salt-and-vinegar chips and a frosty-cold Bud, the dog tasted great–almost as great as the Cardinals’ victory that night.

T. Rebel’s Pheasant and Noodles:


Pretty sure it was my cooking that won T. Rebel over–more so than my rugged good looks or winning charm. Either way, she generally eats what I put in front of her without complaint and isn’t shy about going back for seconds. Lucky for me, she’s also handy with a camera, as evidenced by this shot of one of my favorite fall dishes–pheasant and noodles.

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