Levi’s Campfire Turkey Chili vs. Draper’s Turkey Chili


This week’s Food Fight Friday will continue with the wild turkey theme we started back on Monday with our Stuffed Turkey Recipe. Today’s photos highlight one of the great ways to cook up a wild turkey breast–a classic white chili. In the Food Fight, I’ll be going up against a submission from Wild Chef reader and frequent commenter Levi Banks, who sent over a selection of great wild game photos that we’ll be featuring here in the coming weeks.

Levi’s Campfire Turkey Chili


Draper’s Turkey Chili


I don’t think Levi has to worry much about losing this battle, but either way I’m going to hook him up with a grab bag of prizes from Camp Chef and Cabela’s. If you want to get in on the Food Fight and go up against Levi in the coming weeks (and–hint, hint–win some great prizes), send your best wild game photos to