Last Saturday, I was just about to call the season a wash and give up on my second favorite thing to do in the fall–watch the Nebraska Cornhuskers play. Sure the Wisconsin game was ugly, but it wasn’t totally unexpected. But when we went down by 21 points at the half against a struggling Ohio State team, I had all but given up. Then, like the cruel mistress she is, the Huskers sucked me back in…at least until we play Michigan in a few weeks. Heck, the way we’ve been playing, I’m not even going to take Minnesota lightly.


I know a few of you readers out there are college football fans as well. Hopefully your team hasn’t caused you the same level as heartburn my beloved Big Red has caused me. But no matter win or lose, or even how they played the game, there’s always a reason to tailgate. If you have some goose (or duck) breasts in your freezer (or better yet, fresh), I wanted to remind you about this recipe I first wrote about last January that makes the ideal pre-game appetizer.

There is a bit of prep work on the front end, but you can wrap them up while drinking beers with buddies during the Thursday night game, put them in the fridge, then throw them on the grill before your team takes the field on Saturday. My favorite thing about this recipe is it’s infinitely variable: If you don’t like pineapple or green peppers, add in a water chestnut for a satisfying crunch or a slice of jalapeno to spice it up. A chunk of green apple might even be good.

Game Day Goose Bits

**Ingredients: **
-2-4 goose breasts, skinned and cut into 1-inch chunks
-2-3 green peppers, chopped
-1 can pineapple chunks
-½ lb. peppered bacon, sliced in half cross-wise

-Wrap a chunk of goose, green pepper and pineapple in one half-slice of bacon. Secure with a toothpick or better yet, slide wrapped goose bits onto a skewer for easier flipping.
-Grill over charcoal (or gas if you must), turning frequently until bacon is just done.