I can’t say the results of last week’s Food Fight Friday beat-down were all that unexpected. Reader Levi Banks put a pretty good whuppin’ on me with his venison green chile tamale, which admittedly got a vote from me as well. My smoked pheasant salad was somewhat of a sacrificial lamb, but this week I’m going to get serious and try to even the series with Levi at two apiece. However, I face some pretty stiff competition.

David’s Roasted Duck**


Using a recipe adapted from Russell Chatham’s classic story “The Great Duck Misunderstanding,” I rubbed a plucked mallard with butter, sprinkled it with salt, and roasted it whole with apple cider using a Turkey Cannon infuser. Sides were roasted potatoes tossed with duck fat and thyme and wilted cabbage with apple-cider vinegar and bacon. As Chatham says in his essay: “each bite of rare, juicy meat is a new thrill.”

Levi’s Venison Kabobs


For Levi’s final Food Fight entry, he’s saved the best for last: a stunning photo of venison kebabs with zucchini and red onion served over some great looking fried rice. Levi notes that some of the vegetables came from his garden. Banks is no slouch in the kitchen, but he gives credit where credit is due when it comes to the photography, telling us his wife took all the pictures featured here over the past few weeks.

So, who wins? Cast your vote below. Either way, Levi is going to get hooked up with some great prizes from Camp Chef. If you’d like to compete in Food Fight Friday, send your best food photos to