It looks like I eked out a win last week, with my (or Chef Patrick’s, actually) apricot-chili duck breast topping Wild Chef reader Levi Banks’s eggplant parmesan. It was a close fight, and I commend Levi for the inspiration. I’ll definitely be adding something similar to my repertoire soon.

After the Food Fight defeat Levi handed me two weeks ago with his turkey chili recipe, my win evens the score at one apiece. So this week’s fight will be the rubber match. Here’s a look at the menu:

David’s Smoked Pheasant Salad


For this week’s Food Fight, I’m going to put my faith in Chef Patrick again, although I’m not sure how you carnivorous readers are going to feel about so much leafy, green stuff on one plate. Still, as far as salad’s go, you can’t go wrong topping one with a delicious pheasant smoked by Pierre’s premier smoker–Steamboat, Inc.

Levi’s Green Chile Tamale


Levi Banks is back for a rematch with a delicious-looking green chile tamale with ground venison.

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