If you caught Monday’s Wild Chef post, you’ll know all this week we’re giving away Turkey Cannons from Camp Chef. These cool little devices let you roast your turkey quicker while infusing it with flavor, much in the same way a beer-can cooker does. If your entry gets picked, I’ll do my best to have a Turkey Cannon on your doorstep just in time to put it to work for you this Thanksgiving.


Today’s contest is all about Thanksgiving’s main event–the turkey. On Monday, I told you turkey wasn’t my favorite part of Thanksgiving, and that holds true. At least, until the afternoon rolls around and I’ve digested enough to make room for a snack. But not just any snack will do on Thanksgiving.

It has to be a turkey sandwich, with thick slices of breast meat stuffed between two pieces of soft, white bread that’s been slathered with Miracle Whip and yellow mustard. With the exception of a few slices of crunchy iceberg lettuce, that’s all I need for the perfect turkey sandwich.

How about you? Do you crave turkey on Thanksgiving? Do you like white meat or dark? Got a better idea for a turkey sandwich? Maybe your family bucks convention and serves ham? (If so, can I come over for dinner?) Tell us what you like about Thanksgiving’s main course or post a turkey-cooking tip. Get your answer in by 5:00 p.m. (MST) Saturday, November 19, and we’ll pick two winners at random and send them each a Camp Chef Turkey Cannon.