As much as I love the freelance lifestyle, the one negative effect it has is on my waistline, much of which I attribute to the proximity of my desk to the fridge. While it is nice to have all-day access to a kitchen, it’s sometimes too easy to overeat. And much of what I overeat comes in the form of some type of breakfast dish. (Whether or not it’s before noon, doesn’t matter. Another benefit of freelancing.) Here are two simple favorites, one that has ridden a wave of popularity recently, while the other remains a humble standard served at late-night diners across the country.

The Breakfast Burrito

A breakfast burrito of some sort, even if it’s just a scrambled egg, some cheese and a tortilla, is a near-daily staple here at my house. It’s quick. It’s easy. I can eat it with one hand and type with the other – the perfect meal. For this rendition, I marinated some caribou strips in tequila and lime juice, with a bit of cumin and a touch of cinnamon. Fried up with some diced potatoes and soft scrambled eggs, they were another evolution of my pasion for anything wrapped in a tortilla.



I love leftovers of most any kind and take some pride in extending the edibility of a single dish for a week or more. Here I’ve gotten a third meal out of one roasted duck, which I first featured here at Food Fight Friday a couple weeks ago. After making duck soup with the carcass, I diced up a piece of breast meat that survived the original melee, along with the leftover steamed broccoli and duck-fat-roasted potatoes, and fried it up in duck fat with one egg, over hard. As much as I loved the original meal, I think this quick and easy lunch was even better.


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