_by David Draper
We’re starting December off right with a food fight between two Wild Chef readers and seasoned wild-game cooks. Professional chef Tristan Russell faces off against food blogger Susan Rose with two great looking dishes. I haven’t decided which one is my favorite, so help me pick this week’s winner by voting below.

Wild Bird Pot Pie Vs. Venison Rueben


Wild Bird Potpie


Tristan Russell, of Portland, likes to get away on his days off to hunt and fish, and when he cooks for himself, he enjoys cooking comfort food, like this wild bird potpie. In it, he includes quite the assortment of birds, including three quail, two chukars, one ruffed grouse, and one blue grouse. “Pot pie sounded really good with the weather so I decided to give it a little love with wild birds, wild chantrelles, and bacon,” says Russell. “I know adding bacon to everything is getting old, but it really holds in the moisture for roasting the birds and we only added some to the pie so it wouldn’t be overpowering.”
Venison Rueben**


Susan Rose is a serious home cook married to a serious hunter. She chronicles her cooking adventures on her blog, Great Venison Cooking. Here’s what she has to say about her tasty looking reuben. “Reubens are Rick’s favorite kind of sandwich, but I can’t stand corned beef,” Rose said. “So I thought I’d try corning some venison to see if it was better. It was. In fact, I love it. Our neighbor makes homemade sauerkraut every fall, so we layered that along with the corned venison, Swiss cheese, and homemade thousand island dressing on the pumpernickel-rye bread, slathered it with butter and fried it up. The sandwich was a nice rainy day treat.”

I’d love to see each of you featured on Food Fight Friday, so let’s keep the reader submissions coming. Send in your wild fish or game photos to