Elk Strap vs. Pheasant Marsala



If your New Year’s resolutions include going on a diet, you might want to avert your eyes as this week’s Food Fight is guaranteed to get your stomach growling. I’m putting one of my favorite pheasant dishes up against Wild Chef reader Chris Johnson’s stunning elk strap. I have a pretty good feeling Johnson is going to run away with this one, but maybe you readers will surprise me with a win.

David’s Pheasant


I’ve been flush with pheasants this year, leading me to try all kinds of new rooster recipes. Most of them have been Asian inspired, but it’s always good to go back to a classic, such as this take on pheasant marsala. So simple, yet always delicious, the butterflied and browned pheasant breast got paired with a side of Boursin-creamed spinach and some artisan bread fresh from the oven.

Chris Johnson’s Elk


Here is a picture of a coffee-crusted backstrap I made for my family’s Christmas party to rave reviews. I was lucky enough to take my first elk this year and wanted to share the best part with my family for this special holiday meal. I did make a Cabernet demi glace to serve with the elk.

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