Every day this week the Wild Chef will feature recipes and tips from the brand new cookbook, The Lodge Cast Iron Cookbook. We’ll also be giving away some great prizes, including copies of the book, a Lodge cast-iron skillet, and Lodge cast-iron Dutch oven.



How’s this for a day: The other turkey hunters and I crawled out of our tents around 4 a.m. The stars in western Nebraska hung so low, you were tempted to reach for one. My hunting partner, Jim, and I teamed up with Phillip Vanderpoole to hunt from a blind on the edge of an alfalfa field. I killed a tom at 7 a.m. A few hours later, Jim shot a gobbler of his own. We were back at camp by 11 a.m., where the kitchen crew had prepared a champion’s breakfast of eggs, pancakes, and sausage.

The three of us went back out for a late-afternoon hunt and, with maybe 20 minutes left of shooting time, Jim and I doubled on two more toms. Back at camp, there were plenty of cheers, stories and beers. There was also one of the most memorable meals of my life. Joe Arterburn, of Cabela’s, whipped up wild turkey enchiladas in a cast-iron Dutch oven. They were so good that, years later, I still wish I would’ve had another helping. Yes, what a day that was.

I’m sharing this meal memory today, because I’m excited about the new Lodge Cast Iron Cookbook. The book is a treasure of stories, recipes, and cooking techniques–all about cast iron–and it belongs on the shelf of every camp cook. You’ll see what I mean very soon: Over the next few days on the Wild Chef I’m going to post recipes and tips from the book. I’ll also be giving away copies of the book, plus a couple of great prizes from Lodge. Starting with a brand new Dutch oven.

I’ve told the story of my favorite Dutch oven meal. Now it’s your turn. In the comments section, I want to hear about the best Dutch oven meal you ever ate in the outdoors. Try to keep it brief (100 words or less) and definitely keep it appetizing. I’ll pick the best-sounding meal and award the winner with a copy of the Lodge Cast Iron Cookbook, plus an 8-quart Lodge Dutch oven. Deadline for entries is 9:00 A.M. (EST) on Friday, February 10. Good luck!