_by David Draper

_Bacon-Wrapped Elk Tenderloin vs. Pan-Seared Venison Tenderloin__



In today’s Food Fight, I’m attempting to unseat last week’s champion and perennial powerhouse, Steve Peifer, who consistently cranks out some great-looking dishes. This week is no exception, as he’s entered a pan-seared venison tenderloin with a great plated presentation. My photo isn’t nearly as fancy, as I shot it right after I pulled everything off the grill, but I’m hoping the addition of bacon will sway some of the swing voters.

David’s Bacon-Wrapped Elk Tenderloin


It’s a toss-up of which cut of elk I like better: the backstrap or the hanging tenderloin. But whichever is wrapped in bacon will always be my favorite. In this case, it’s the tenderloin cooked to medium-rare over a scorching hot fire and served with grilled asparagus and tinfoil taters.

Steve’s Pan-Seared Venison Tenderloin


This is pan-seared venison tenderloin, a drizzle of a red wine reduction I used to deglaze the pan, rice pilaf and steamed brussels sprouts with brown butter. It’s a shame those things are so small but my wife, kids, and I enjoyed it very much.

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