If you’re even the least bit interested in wild-game cooking–and I assume you are if you’re reading this blog–you’ve probably heard the name Scott Leysath a time or two. Better known as The Sporting Chef, Leysath has built his 20-plus-year reputation on creating delicious and original fare from fish and game.

In addition to appearing on the Hunt Fish Cook and Ducks Unlimited television shows, he also writes the cooking column for DU’s magazine and contributes recipes and cooking advice to a number of other outdoor outlets. Lately, Leysath has been polishing his sterling reputation by hosting HuntFishFeed events, where the Sporting Chef and a team of volunteers prepare donated game meat for the less fortunate.

Sponsored by The Sportsman Channel, the 5-year old HuntFishFeed program takes game meat donated by sportsman and turns it into delicious, professionally prepared meals for people struggling with hunger in cities across the country. Last week, Leysath and the HuntFishFeed team served venison tacos to homeless and hungry people in Oklahoma City and Tulsa. This Wednesday, February 8, they expect to feed up to 2,000 hungry people at the Catholic Community Services dining hall in Salt Lake City, using 600 pounds of donated venison provided through the Mule Deer Foundation.

So, hats off to The Sportsman Channel, Scott Leysath, and all those volunteering to make HuntFishFeed a success. They’re not only presenting sportsmen in a good light, but showing the world that wild game is a hearty, healthy food source that has a place in the fight against hunger.

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