Last week’s fight was closer than I thought, but I have to say the readers picked correctly. That fried pheasant was absolutely delicious–crispy skin, moist meat. But, Wild Chef reader bassman06 brought up a pretty fair point: It’s Lent, and that means fish on Friday for many of our readers. So we’ll see if the rest of the devout vote with their faith or their stomach in this week’s fish versus fowl battle.

Fresh Caught Crappie


I was having one of those days last Wednesday, so I chucked work (Sorry, Colin and the rest of my editors!) and went fishing. You couldn’t ask for a nicer day, though the catching was a bit tough–until sundown that is, when I hooked into one nice crappie and a barely legal walleye on subsequent casts. The next night, the crappie went into the pan after a light dusting of flour, salt, and pepper.

Turkey Tenders


We’re coming up on turkey season, so I fished out some of the last cuts from last season’s bounty–a four pack of turkey fillets, those tender little cuts that lay between the breast meat and keel bone. Quick-soaked in a marinade not unlike what I used in last week’s Asian quail (a little soy, a little nam pla, a little fresh ginger, a squeeze of fresh lemon, and a bit of honey and chili paste). I pan-fried the meat and paired it with jasmine rice and asparagus.

I’m holding an ace up my sleeve in the form of an amazing reader-submitted photo that deserves a worthy opponent. (Ed. Note: Seriously, this food photo is amazing!) If you think you’ve got what it takes to beat it, send your best food photo in to