Fried Pheasant vs. Asian Quail**



Congratulations to Wild Chef reader Levi Banks whose venison pizza put a pretty resounding beating on my meat loaf last week. I’m not going to lie, after eating leftover meatloaf for about three days straight, I think I would have voted for pizza, too.

This week, I’m going to pit a couple of birds against each other to see which one the readers favor. It’s pheasant vs. quail, with two very different preparations. Each were pretty tasty, but I’m going to wait to see how the vote falls before I tell you which was better.

Fried Pheasant


Fat-less pheasant pieces can dry out easily if you’re not careful while cooking them, but a salt-and-sugar brine was just the ticket for this dish. I also reduced the normal three-step breading process down to two, skipping the initial flouring and going right into the egg wash followed with a flour-cornstarch dredge. The result was moist, crispy and delicious.
Asian Quail**


This Asian quail photo has actually shown up on the Wild Chef blog before, along with the recipe, but I wanted to see how it fares against some pheasant. Going up against anything fried makes it a long shot to win, but maybe you guys will surprise me this week when you find out Gentleman Bob was soy-citrus marinated with a little honey and ginger added for good measure.

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