My post last Monday asking for the best way to cook snow geese got a wide range of responses, from the wise to the wise-ass. Not unexpectedly, the old grill-them-on-a-plank-then-throw-away-the-goose-and-eat-the-plank recipe came up a few times here and on the Field & Stream Facebook page.

That joke was funny the first 754 times I’ve heard it, but now it’s just getting old. And it’s just plain wrong, no matter how it’s told. Of all the comments I got, Trey Osborn’s was the best: “Folks if you don’t like goose. DO NOT GO SHOOT THEM! Let the folks who will eat them shoot them.”

I couldn’t agree more.

Our hunt with Mike Adams and Danny Kahler of Webbed Feet Down Outfitters was pretty typical of spring snow goose hunting, in that half of our group shot six geese the first day and 66 the next. The other guys flip-flopped our success, shooting 44 on day one and 12 on day two.

No matter how many times we pulled the trigger, all of us had a blast, and I’d recommend Mike and his crew to anyone wanting to experience a great day of goose hunting just a few short hours up I-76 from downtown Denver. It’s well worth the trip, if only to watch his darling black Lab, Quinn, work her magic.

Camp Chef’s Steve McGrath and Guy Perkins also helped dispel the myth the snow geese aren’t edible by making up a big batch of snow goose sandwiches.

The birds we shot Monday morning were breasted and quick-marinated in a couple cups of milk, a few tablespoons of lemon juice and a handful of fresh, chopped garlic. We were all starving, so the geese didn’t get to soak long before Guy threw them on the grill for a few minutes, cooking them until they were just medium rare. Sliced thin, they were delicious as finger food.

The grilled breasts that survived the initial barrage of hungry hunters were layered onto a slice of bread, along with a selection of condiments and cheese. Topped with another slice of the bread, the sandwich was toasted between a hot grill and Camp Chef’s cool Bacon Panini Press. I’d challenge any of you naysayers to eat one of these and tell me snow goose doesn’t taste good.