In the Draper clan, dealing with leftover corned beef, or goose, the days after St. Patrick’s Day isn’t usually an issue. This year, although Mom cooked 11 pounds of brisket, there was barely a slice or two remaining after my siblings and I made our way through it and the heaping side platter of potatoes, carrots and cabbage.

While I was more than happy to stuff myself full of more than my fair share Saturday, I find myself wishing I had a bit of corned beef left over. Sure I could make a pile of hash, or mix it with potatoes and cabbages for a delicious helping of colcannon–a traditional Irish dish of mashed potatoes, cabbage, and, in this case, corned beef (though usually it calls for bacon or rashers).

But what I’m really jonesing for is a big corned beef sandwich, with the meat piled high and dark rye bread slathered with Killybegs horseradish sauce. I wouldn’t even be afraid to layer on a few leaves of leftover cooked cabbage on top.

St. Patrick’s Day Leftovers Sandwich

-Two slices dark rye bread
-Killybegs horseradish sauce*
-4 ounces leftover corned beef, sliced thin
-Cooked cabbage
-Dublin cheese

*My mom clipped the recipe for this corned-beef condiment out of the March 1984 issue of Family Circle, and I don’t recall a St. Patrick’s Day since that has gone by without her making it. The sauce is simple to assemble: Mix one 8 ounce container of sour cream with 2 Tbsp. each of prepared mustard and horseradish. Refrigerate for two hours, allowing flavors to blend before enjoying.

1. Heat a griddle or non-stick pan over medium-high heat. Lightly butter one side of a slice of bread. On the other side, slather on a healthy dollop of Killybegs sauce.

2. Pile on the corned beef. Top with cooked cabbage and a slice of Dubliner cheese. Place the remaining rye bread on top and spread on a small bit of butter.

3. Place sandwich on the pre-heated pan and press down with a panini press. (If you don’t have a panini press, wrap the bottom of a tea kettle in aluminum foil and use this instead. A foil-wrapped brick works, too.) Once the bottom is toasted, about 3 minutes or so, flip and brown the second side. Enjoy with a creamy glass of Guinness.