Although the seed catalogs have been stacking up since December, I finally got around to making a few orders this month. Not sure if I was hoping we’d get another blast of winter (or, rather a blast of winter since we never really had one). But after all these warm, beautiful days I had to accept the inevitable: spring has sprung.

Saturday, the first of those seed orders arrived, which has geared me up to get the garden ready. I deemed last year’s experiments in raised beds and square-foot gardening a success, so I’m planning to expand on those by building another raised bed or two. I’m also trying a few new vegetables this year, including brussels sprouts, rainbow carrots and acorn squash.

But before I start planting, I need to do some spring cleaning. The garden is a disaster area right now. Last fall, a strong west wind blew the day after my neighbor cut his corn, so my garden (along with my yard, shooting range, dog kennel, trees, corral, chicken coop, etc.) is ankle-deep in corn husks.

It’s going to take some effort to get everything ready, so I better get to shoveling. However, it is pretty nice outside, and the walleye are starting to move up on the shallows, so maybe I’ll go fishing instead.

Is anyone else gearing up to get in the garden? Or have you already started?