Thanks to all the readers who took the time to tell us about their favorite kitchen gadgets. Among all the shout-outs to Kitchen Aid mixers (which I covet from afar), Ninja processors (which I’d never heard of before), and coffee makers (obvious choice), were some truly great posts. Some were funny, some were serious, and some were just plain odd. And you guys know I’m a big fan of odd.

One of my favorites posts came from usmcturkey, who, I’m pretty sure, was serious when he nominated his Moo Mixer. You’ve got to be pretty passionate about your beverage of choice and secure in your manhood to proudly sip from a frothy cup of chocolate milk that moos.

I think Wild Chef reader Sanjuancb might have an unhealthy obsession with Alton Brown, but I do have to agree with his assessment that the wooden spoon is pretty much the ultimate kitchen utensil. Even though, like Levi Banks mentions, it was many a parent’s disciplinary tool of choice when I was growing up. (You might not think a wooden spoon can’t break against an adolescent’s butt, but, trust me, it can. And, before you call child protective services, let me just say my brother totally deserved it.)

Another utensil that got some props (and stood in when mom didn’t have a wooden spoon handy) was the spatula. From reader 2lb. test:

My FoodSaver is near the top of the list but it pales in comparison to the usefulness of my sharpened spatula. It’s just a normal spatula that I grinded an edge on. Making cheesesteaks or grilled cheese? Do your stirring and flipping, pull it off and slice the sandwich to manageable size. Great for slicing pizza and even vegetables in a pinch. It’s also handy for scraping on stuck-on grime during clean up.

But the best comment, and the winner of the Sushezi, was posted over on the Field & Stream Facebook page, where reader Bob Lindsey gave props, I think, to his better half when he said without his wife, he “could barely boil water.” I’m no Dr. Phil here, but calling your wife a kitchen gadget might not be the compliment she is looking for, Bob. My advice: Be very suspect about what she’s serving you for the next few weeks lest you end up with an “accidental” case of food poisoning.