Last week, Wild Chef reader Levi Banks gave us some great-looking Southwestern-inspired venison steaks, but this week he’s hopped the pond to Africa. His wife’s Ethiopian-style barbecue venison looks amazing and is cooked to perfection. I’m even intrigued by the purple cauliflower, which I’m betting tastes as unique as it looks. Still, I’m in it to win it, so he’ll have to face off against what might be my all-time favorite dish–guisada, prepared here with pronghorn.

David Draper’s Pronghorn Guisada


Translated from Spanish, guisada means stew, although most refer to carne guisada as meat gravy. I first found a recipe for venison guisada in the NRA Members Wild Game Cookbook many years ago, though I’ve since adapted and refined that original version. Of all the meats I’ve made this with — and I’ve tried about everything — pronghorn is the best. Something about the meat’s flavor lends itself to Tex-Mex recipes. Check back next week for a recipe.
Levi Banks’ Barbecued Venison with Plum Sauce and Pan Roasted Cauliflower**


We are in the process of adopting from Ethiopia, so we decided we had better learn about the country–and what better way than by learning about the food. My wife worked for a few hours and dirtied a lot of dishes to make this. She had to make a few substitutions (no fresh plums or tamarind paste), but it was worth it. It’s based on a recipe that used beef from The Soul of a New Cuisine: A Discovery of the Foods and Flavors of Africa.

Don’t let Levi hog the spotlight. I know you’ve got some great wild game photos to share. Just send them and we’ll feature them here.