Everyone must be catching fishing fever as we got two submissions featuring finned fare for this Friday’s Food Fight. The first comes from Wild Chef reader Split 484, who sent in a great looking photo of some smoked trout and killer accompaniments. Deputy editor Colin Kearns also passed along a fish-themed food photo of a batch of halibut ceviche. Both look so good, I can’t decide who should win, so I’m leaving it up to you.

Split 484’s Smoked Trout


Even though we like to go barbless, sometimes trout have to come home. These are fresh from Colorado’s western slope, smoked and served over mango salsa with cucumber raita and naan. So tasty we had to share.

Colin’s Halibut Ceviche


I thawed a pound of halibut that I caught in Alaska last summer (vacuum-sealers really are lifesavers), and made some ceviche, following a recipe from Field & Stream’s Wild Chef columnist, Jonathan Miles. I wish I could share the recipe with you now, but you’ll just have to hold off a couple more months before it appears in the magazine. Trust me, it’s worth the wait.

Just for competing in today’s Food Fight Friday, Split 484 is going to get a big box of goodies from [Camp Chef](, Cabela’s (LINK:, and Hi-Mountain Seasoning. And there’s more where that came from, so email me your food photo to If we feature it here, we’ll send you something good, too.

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