As obsessed with (and frankly, terrified of) a nuclear disaster as I was when I was young, the whole doomsday madness going on today has pretty much passed me by. Maybe living within sight of an ICBM bunker, one gets used to having an ever-present harbinger of the End Times in your backyard. That, or I’m just too busy to care. Still, there is one thing Wild Chef readers and doomsday preppers have in common: a perhaps unhealthy obsession with food.

The real problem I have with the preppers is the kinds of food they’re putting up. I’m not sure I want to live in a world where I have to eat white rice and something called textured soy protein every day. And what about working your way through a three-month supply of Rice-a-Roni? That thought alone is enough to make me hope my house takes a direct hit from the first Russian SCARP (which, considering the Minuteman missile buried across the road, is not that unlikely).

So, what would I live on should the Mayans be right? Well, there’s probably at least 200 pounds of fish and wild game in the deep freeze that I’ll have to do something with before it goes bad. That means making a lot of jerky, corned venison and other salt- and/or smoked-cured meats.

Putting all that meat up will probably also mean canning some of it. Sadly, canned venison, or any other meat for that matter, is something I don’t have much experience with, other than eating a jar of it late one night at some backwoods Pennsylvania bar. I remember it was pretty tasty, though that might be more due the state I was in at the time.

So I’m thinking about canning some of my wild game, more because I need to make room in the freezer than for any sort of doomsday prepping. Have any of you done it, and if so, what tips can you share? Is it worth the time and trouble?