_by David Draper

_Venison Popover vs. Moose Tenderloin__


This week’s Food Fight features a couple of readers going at it, and I have an idea of who might win but I’m hedging my bet. Just when I think I have Wild Chef readers all figured out, you go and surprise me by picking the turkey roulades over the boar barbacoa in last week’s Food Fight. So, I’m reserving my prediction until the early returns are in. No matter who comes out on top, I’m sending each of them a bottle of Cabela’s Open Season Spice Blend.

Levi Banks’s Venison Popover*


“I called this a puff pastry at first, but it’s really more of a Yorkshire pudding or big popover. It certainly doesn’t look as nice when you try to cut and serve since nothing holds the contents together, but you get some tasty sausage and veggies and a nice piece of bread to go with it.”

Nick Granto’s Moose Tenderloin


“Simple: Moose tenderloin cooked whole on grill then sliced into medallions. Marinated in olive oil, soy sauce, salt pepper and rosemary. Salt potatoes on side.”

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*Levi hooked me up with the recipe for this, which I’ll share next week.