Whenever someone tells me they don’t like leftovers, I am downright shocked. Shocked, bordering on offended. My typical response is something along the lines of, “What? You’re too good to eat leftovers?” typically followed by me questioning their parents’ child-rearing skills. In my family, not liking leftovers wasn’t an option. Well, it was an option if the other side of the coin was starvation.

Whether it was because of my parents or just my voracious nature, I love leftovers of all kinds. It seems to me just about anything is just as good, if not better, the next day and the next…and the next. Typically, my lunches consist of leftover food eaten right out of the container, sometimes standing in front of the fridge with the door open, drinking directly from a jug of limeade to wash it all down. (Okay, so maybe my parents weren’t so successful in civilizing me either.) But lately, I’ve taken to transforming leftovers into whole new dishes, like the one pictured here.

This taco started out as a smoked chicken I made for dinner the night before. (You could just as easily use smoked pheasant.) Today, instead of merely gnawing on the leftover chicken pieces cold, I decided to fold it with some leftover corn on the cob into something completely different.

First, I put a skillet over high heat and poured in about a tablespoon of oil. While that was heating up, I sliced the corn from the cob and diced up about a cup full of smoked chicken. Once the oil was smoking, I dumped it all into the skillet, along with about half a can of diced green chiles. It only took a minute or so until everything was good and crispy, just long enough to warm up a few tortillas in the microwave. As good as the smoked chicken was fresh, it was even better as a charred corn and chicken taco just like you’d pay high dollar for at a trendy Tex-Mex restaurant in San Antonio. I quickly scarfed down three before heading back to my desk to write this blog.

So what’s your favorite way to use leftovers? Or are you too good to eat them?