Wild Chef Reader Levi Banks is back with a great-looking rabbit dish, along with a good story about getting kids to eat, and enjoy, wild game. Congrats to Banks for raising such an open-minded daughter. I don’t have any kid stories, but I do have some unconventional tacos to throw into this week’s Food Fight.

Draper’s Axis Deer Tacos


My love for tacos is well known to Wild Chef readers, but what to do when you’re trying to cut a few carbs out of your diet? Use lettuce instead. I’ll admit it’s not quite the same as a traditional Tex-Mex meal, but the delicious axis deer backstrap dressed with homemade guacamole and pickled onions almost made up for the missing flour and lard.

Levi Banks’s Mediterranean Rabbit


One morning we were sitting outside eating breakfast and watching some neighborhood rabbits run around the yard. After pointing them out to my nearly 4-year-old daughter, I realized what was on the menu for supper that night and told her we were having rabbit for supper. When she said, “Yum!” I knew my wife and I must be doing something right. Later that night she told my dad over the phone about having the rabbit for supper and how good it was and thanks for giving us some.

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