I’m just back from 10 days of hunting with Crusader Safaris, which not only operates the only low-fence, free-range hunting concession in South Africa (according to owner Andrew Pringle), but also knows how to feed hungry hunters (according to me). With 36 hours of travel door to door from the lodge on the Baviaans River to my home here in Nebraska, I’m still a bit jet lagged, so I apologize if my writing is more rambling and incoherent than normal. Ignore that and focus on the food instead.

Warthog Sausages**


When we finally got to camp, our group of hunters was greeted with a well-stocked bar and some delicious sausages, which it turns out were made of warthog. Now, I would never have thought Timon (or is it Pumba?) would be edible, let alone delicious, but these sausages were amazing. Needless to say, they didn’t last long when our group arrived.
Mixed Grill**


On night number two, I almost forgot about missing a big kudu earlier in the day when I saw PH Schalk De Villiers manning this grill full of meaty goodness. Flanking the lamb chops (raised right on the ranches we were hunting) are two kudu backstraps and some kudu/warthog sausages that were, frankly, some of the best stuffed, tubular meat I’ve ever eaten.

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