This week, Wild Chef reader and Food Fight regular, Levi Banks, gets in on the action with a great turkey dish. Meanwhile, I made a batch of sausage and peppers last weekend, so I’ll see if that has what it takes to best Banks.
David’s Italian Deer Sausage


Every spring, I make a pretty big batch of deer sausage using Cabela’s Smokehouse Brand Italian Sausage mix, which is amazing stuff. The sausage always disappears fairly quickly, but I make sure to save back a package for a friend’s annual horseshoe tournament, where the browned sausages get sliced and mixed with onions, peppers, and a can of diced tomatoes. Then, the Dutch oven simmers away while we’re out in the hot August sun pitching shoes and drinking beer. Come to think about it, maybe all that beer accounts for why this easy dish is such a crowd favorite.

Levi Banks’s Grilled Turkey


I had a pretty good year last year with deer and we’re still trying to eat all of the venison. A buddy of mine didn’t have as good of a year, but he never seems to have a bad year with turkeys, so I asked him if he had some he’d like to trade. I simply grilled it and brushed it near the end of its time on the grill with a peach BBQ sauce I made. It’s served with corn on the cob from my neighbor’s garden and green beans from my in-law’s garden.

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