After a long summer of record heat and drought, I woke up this morning to a taste of fall. It’s downright chilly outside and, though still unbelievably dry, at least there’s a ceiling of clouds blotting out the fiery sun. It’s enough to get a person thinking about hunting, which, for me, starts next week during New Mexico’s early antelope season. Good thing, too, as I’m getting low on pronghorn meat, some of which went into this week’s Food Fight. I predict a pitched battle, as reader Josh Giannino steps up to the plate with some tasty looking tidbits that incorporate a triumvirate of cheese, jalapeños, and bacon. Wish me luck.

Draper’s Antelope Stir Fry


I like stir-fries because they’re quick and easy–perfect when you’re hungry, but the summer heat has robbed you of any ambition. This one is made from a chunk of antelope backstrap I sliced thinly and marinated in a mix of soy, hoisin, and chili-garlic sauces. I scrounged a bunch of veggies from the crisper drawer, sauteed everything up in a couple tablespoons of hot oil and served it over some white rice. After taste testing, I realized it needed an extra kick, so I quickly diced up a jalapeño as a spicy garnish.
Josh Giannino’s Venison Poppers**


This meal is composed of what I call venison poppers with jalapeños and cheese and potato pierogies. The pierogies are just simply out of the box, but this is how to accomplish the venison poppers: First cut up the venison into chunks, taking off all the fat and silver skin and season to taste. Cook the bacon and take it out to drain, then grill the venison to about medium rare to medium. After this take the venison chunks and cover them in cheese and put them in the oven for two minutes to melt the cheese, then wrap in bacon and put two jalapenos slices on top and enjoy.

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