Finally, temperatures, in the evenings anyway, are starting to feel more like fall, which means it’s time to break out the recipes for warm comfort foods. It seems like many of my fall favorites call for long hours simmering on the stovetop to develop those rich and savory flavors. Here are two great dishes that will hopefully make your mouth water and inspire you to spend some time in the kitchen.

Bear Ham and Beans


I dedicated a whole day last week to tending the smoker as I put the finishing touch to a bone-in bear ham. You’ll hear more about how that project went in the future, but I can share one of the many dishes that came out of it; a hearty bowl of bear ham and beans. One of my all-time favorite comfort foods, ham and beans, with a side of corn bread, is hard to beat on a crisp, fall evening, and the addition of bear made this one all the more special.
Braised Bear Shanks**


We may have seen this particular dish on the blog before, but I thought I would bring it out of retirement to go bone-to-bone with the ham and beans. Shanks, as you all well know, are one of my favorite cuts on any animal–partly because they’re under-rated–but mostly because they’re so dang flavorful. Sure, they might take a long braise to break down the connective tissues, but the deep, meaty flavor makes it well worth the wait.

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