Among the many signs hunting seasons have begun–including unreturned phone calls, text message trophy pictures, and shotgun blasts in the distance–my favorite is the fresh batch of antelope green chile simmering away on the back of the stove. Well, that and the fresh antelope steaks I’ve been eating since my trip to New Mexico last week. Of the two, I have a pretty good hunch as to which one is going to win this week’s Food Fight, but maybe the voters will surprise me.

Chorizo-Egg Burritos with Antelope Green Chile


A simple breakfast, but one of the best I’ve had in a long time. It started with some venison chorizo mixed with farm-fresh scrambled eggs. That all got rolled in a couple of flour tortillas with some queso fresco and topped with a ladle or two of antelope green chile.

Antelope Steak with Fried Potatoes


The meal I look forward to all year long: a fresh antelope steak sprinkled with some Baldridge’s Seasoning and perfectly seared in a smoking-hot cast-iron pan. Served atop diced fried potatoes with just a floret or two of broccoli to fool myself into thinking I’m eating healthy.

How about the rest of you? I’m looking for the best fish or game food photos and I know Wild Chef readers can deliver. So send them in to and we’ll feature them here in the coming weeks.