Whitetail Hunting photo

A hunter’s breakfast takes many forms: a full fry-up at the local diner, microwave breakfast burritos, a granola bar, or even a [squeezable pack of peanut butter](/ blogs/wild-chef/2012/10/my-new-favorite-hunting-snack). Done right, it sets the foundation for a long, hard day on the stalk, or, in reader Nick Granto’s case, serves as a celebration of a successful hunt. Today, Nick goes up against a worthy (if not-so-wild) competitor I enjoyed last Monday morning.
Nick’s Venison Heart**


The other day I made breakfast and realized I made a Food Fight entry without even trying: Fresh venison heart (killed the night before) cleaned well and lightly covered in Montreal steak seasoning, very light garlic powder, and chili powder. Cook some bacon, put bacon aside reserving grease. Place heart in hot grease about two minutes per side–cooked until just medium–not more or it’s tough. I ate mine with pancakes, eggs, and bacon.

David’s Whole Hog Biscuit


Okay, so this isn’t wild game but the picture is too good not to share. I find myself on the road a lot this time of year, whether it’s out scouting or heading off to a hunt and often breakfast consists of whatever is available at a local convenience store. I picked up this biscuit– appropriately called the Whole Hog–at Martin’s Trading Post in Cheyenne, Okla. It was stacked with ham, bacon, and sausage, along with egg and cheese. I have to say, it was probably one of the best gas-station meals I’ve ever had.

I’ve got some great reader submissions cued up in the coming weeks, but need some challengers. If you think you can compete, send in your best food photo to fswildchef@gmail.com.