In a strange story that made its way around the Web last week, Ryan Adams of Pflugerville, Texas, who writes the ambitious cooking blog Nose To Tail At Home found himself in a bit of trouble with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. Adams, who is not a hunter, plucked and prepared white-wing dove that had died in a collision with a window. After posting the process on his blog, TPWD officials came knocking:

“…according to Texas Parks and Wildlife spokesman Steven Lightfoot, that was the wrong thing to do. It is illegal to possess any wildlife resource that has not been taken legally. Lightfoot explained. “By legal I mean there are certain means and methods… you have to have a hunting license and you have to have the appropriate weapon and ammunition.”

Lightfoot says Adams would have had the right to eat the bird if he had legally hunted it and since those weren’t the circumstances he should have turned it over to a game warden.”

After news broke of Adams impending ticket, the collective conscience that is the Internet was aghast at this example of bureaucracy gone mad. But, give officials credit. After reviewing the case, and I’m assuming, taking lots of heat from the public, they decided not to pursue charges against Adams.

I agree that ticketing Adams might have been ridiculous, but I also understand why laws regulating the possession of fish or game meat are on the books.

What’s your take?