In the pantheon of packable hunting snacks, there are a few classics–jerky, G.O.R.P., and granola bars among them. But I’ve found a new favorite, one that will have a place in my pack for many years to come: Justin’s squeeze packs of almond, hazelnut and peanut butter. For about half the price of a candy bar, these little packets fulfill my requirements for a perfect treestand snack: They’re delicious, nutritious, and, most importantly, quiet and packable.

I can slip a half dozen of the 1.15-ounce packets into my pack, and they take up less space and weight than a candy bar. And, unlike two of my other go-to snacks–Clif Bars and LaraBars–the package is quiet. Nothing sounds louder in the woods than tearing open a granola or candy bar wrapper, but Justin’s squeeze packs are practically silent. They take a bit of kneading to get them warmed up and squeezable, but even that is quiet. I will admit, I haven’t tested them in subzero temps, but I expect the quick burst of energy would be just the ticket on a winter bowhunt.

For those who prefer a hit of chocolate to straight peanut or almond butter, Justin’s also makes some delicious looking candy bars and peanut butter cups. I haven’t seen these at my local grocery where I pick up the squeeze packs, so I don’t know if they’re packed in the same quiet wrapper, but if so, I’ll be stuffing a few in my hunting pack once I find them.

You can find Justin’s Nut Butters nationwide or pick them up online from the Justin’s Web store.