Let’s all welcome newcomer Travis Miller to Food Fight Fridays. This is Miller’s first submission and he created an account just to get it in on the action. I do feel a little bad throwing Travis into the ring with a great cook and frequent Food Fight contributor Levi Banks, but I think he has a fighting chance. No matter how the battle turns out I’m sure we all agree any of us would be happy to tuck into either dish after a long day in the field.

Travis Miller’s Chicken Fried Moose Steak


Travis might be new to the Food Fight game, but he’s obviously got a pretty good grasp on what it takes to win–gravy. Wild Chef readers love a good gravy-smothered chicken-fry, so I like the odds for Miller’s chicken-fried steak, which is made from a moose his father-in-law killed this past season.

Levi Banks’s Rosemary and Mustard Venison Sausage


Using a recipe from Bruce Aidells’ Complete Sausage Cookbook for game sausage with rosemary and mustard, Levi went all out for this meal. It not only includes the sausage on a homemade roll, but the coarse-grain beer mustard used in the sausage and slathered on top was Banks’s creation as well.

If you Christmas and holiday plans call for some fish or wild game dishes, be sure to snap a photo or two and send them in to We’ll pick some of the best and feature them in upcoming Food Fight Fridays.