This week’s reader submissions for Food Fight Friday have given me the fishing bug, which can be a bit hard to cure at the turn of year. Luckily, a recent cold snap has put a fishable layer of ice on the local lakes and the auger is tuned up and ready to go. Now if I can just pull myself away from this toasty warm fire, I might have my own fishy food fight photo next week. Until then, here are a couple of great pics from loyal Wild Chef readers Steve P. and Koldkut.

Steve P.’s Surf and Turf


This is fresh perch given to my wife from some local fisherman as she walked the dog by the bridge, and fresh venison backstrap which I happened to shoot and prepare. My wife Ashlee sauteed the perch, which is small and delicate, in lemon, white wine and butter. I seared the venison in a cast iron skillet using olive oil and finished it in the oven. It is lightly coated in my own dry-rub, careful not to mask the natural flavor of the meat. So good. Ashlee did the veggies and sides as well.

Koldkut’s Coriander Rubbed Trout


So I took a trip out to visit my brother in Missouri prior to Christmas and took some fresh trout I had caught a few days earlier. They don’t eat much fish, but they liked the idea and came up with the recipe for this fish they wanted to try. We rubbed the fish down with salt and coriander and baked it in the oven, then topped it with a citrus salad made by cutting up some neat orange slices, red onion slivers with cilantro and jalapeno. The rice was cooked in chicken stock and we added dried apricots and cranberries to it. Throw it all together and you have the plate in the picture.

Thanks to all the Wild Chef readers that made this past year’s Food Fight Fridays a success. If you want to get in on the action in 2013, send in your fish or wild game photos to