Last week we threw our annual holiday party, which is always a great time because there’s always some great wild game cooked and shared from members of the staff. For this week’s Food Fight, we’re featuring all of the wild dishes from the party (as well as one dessert because, well, it features bacon and bourbon). Vote for your favorite.


1. Elk Shepherd’s Pie from Donna Ng, Field & Stream copy chief
2. Muley Rolls from Alex Robinson, Outdoor Life online content editor
3. Elk Chili from Kim Gray, Field & Stream associate art director
4. Venison Sausage Italian Meatballs from John Taranto, Outdoor Life senior editor


5. Blackened Redfish with Mango Salsa from Mike Toth, Field & Stream executive editor
6. Elk Empanadas with Chimichurri from Amanada McNally, Director of Public Relations
7. Smoked Salmon from Brian Peterson, Western Sporting Goods Manager
8. Bacon and Bourbon Pecan Pie from Kristyn Brady, Field & Stream assistant editor

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