Pike & Muskie Fishing photo

Okay, so I know it’s been egg nog season for at least a month–or that’s at least how long it’s been on the grocery store shelves. I’m just now getting in the mood for the creamy stuff, however, as I like to hold on to my standard autumn drink–hot apple cider and rye whiskey–as long as possible. It’s just a week until Christmas, so I suppose I can no longer hold out to the power of heavy cream, eggs, and nutmeg, not to mention a small measure of liquid cheer. But what cheer to add?
When spiking egg nog, I used to be a straight brandy man, and then I graduated to spiced rum, which seems a better fit. This year, I’m leaning toward a bottle of new Canadian whiskey I found down at the Kwik-E-Mart when I was searching for some Wild Turkey Rye. They didn’t have that, but they did have this Spice Box Whisky, which I nabbed and have been nipping on for a couple of weeks. The bottle says the brown liquor inside has been cold infused with vanilla and a blend of spices. The nose is a little hot, but the flavor seems to have some nutmeg to it, which sounds like the perfect match for eggnog. Once I pick up a fresh bottle, I’ll give it a try and report back.

How about you? What do you spike your eggnog with?