The middle of winter might not seem like the right season for trout fishing, but don’t tell Wild Chef readers that. Two faithful Food Fight contestants submitted some delightful photos of freshly caught trout, proving to the rest of us that January is the perfect time to get out and do some fishing.

MaxPower’s Grilled Trout


I pulled this one brown trout out of a reservoir known for huge browns, but unfortunately the only monster browns I saw were being reeled in by some punk teen about 80 yards down the shore. I don’t know anything fancy when it comes to cooking fish. I usually just use some lemon, butter and salt. At my in-laws I could find no lemon, but being Christmas time there were plenty of oranges so I used them instead with some butter/salt/pepper. Wrapped him in foil and tossed him on the barbeque for about 15 minutes. The orange was refreshingly mild as opposed to lemon. The only mistake was offering it to others because it truly only lasted about 60 seconds.

KoldKut’s Smoked Trout


A pic of the trout caught from 11-mile reservoir in Colorado through the ice. They are some tasty fish. Amazing how the 12″ stockers have white meat and by the fall they are 15.5″+ and have pink meat from their diet. That was my first time ever smoking anything.

Got a trout pic, or some great photos of fish or wild game? Submit them to and we’ll feature them in an upcoming Food Fight Friday.