Last month, I asked readers to give up their best tip for cooking in the field or blind and you didn’t disappoint. I received several gems that I’m going to put into rotation myself, as well as a few headscratchers.

I particularly liked mhuntley73‘s passive-aggressive play on his significant other:

“Hem and haw the night before a big day of hunting, maybe throw a couple of cookies in a bag, keep looking in the fridge and go to bed. Ninety-nine percent of the time your wife or girlfriend will pack a great field lunch for you all in Ziploc bags. There will be enough for you and your hunting partner. All that needs to be done then is heat it up over a nice camp fire and sit back and enjoy.”

I promise you if I tried that, I would go hungry. God bless mhuntley73’s wife, mostly for putting up with him.

Of course, there were also a couple odes to bacon, my favorite of which came from Greeley7 who reminded hunters to never leave home without bacon or butter. “You can eat bacon for all three meals, and fry just about anything in butter. Plus, I’d rather have a heart attack than freeze to death…”

sgtsly agreed, noting “…a campsite must have the smell of bacon permeating the air. It’s a law in 13 states.”

As for the winner, the decision was difficult, but I have to award the Camp Chef Portable Outdoor Oven to Mark-O for his downsized take on the field cook’s chuck box:

“My tip is simple. I’ve had an issue in the past with forgetting one item or another. Salt this time, a spatula the next. So, I use a fishing tackle box to keep all my cook gear in one place. I remember the box and I remember everything. Obviously, everyone’s needs differ. Fortunately, these fishing tackle boxes come in all sizes. The one I use when I camp is a lot bigger than the one I haul to the blind. It’s a simple task to make sure that the cook box is up to snuff.”

I also chose two entries at random to receive a box of great Camp Chef stuff including a cast-iron pan. Those winners were Wild Chef dyobcire and TM.

Thanks everyone for the great tips and if you were a winner, please e-mail your contact info to and I’ll get the prizes sent your way.