A couple of longtime Wild Chef readers and frequent Food Fighters have stepped it up again this week in attempt to answer the question: Which meal is better–breakfast or supper?

MaxPower’s Breakfast Sandwich


They say breakfast is the most important meal, and it’s definitely true if you have a long day of work or hunting ahead of you. These elk sausage breakfast sandwiches hit the spot and seem to stick to your ribs. I mix the elk sausage with an egg, some black pepper, and onion powder. Then I put the sausage on a lightly toasted Kaiser roll with some mayo and top it with pepper-jack cheese, a fried egg, and bacon. The bacon is optional, but who would ever say no to it?

Levi Banks’ Roast Teal


I basically followed Hank Shaw’s protocol for roasting a duck at high temperatures. I stuffed a few slices of onion inside since I didn’t have any citrus like he calls for. The skin wasn’t exactly crispy, but it was good, and they were still medium rare at best, closer to rare. The sweet potatoes were from the garden and roasted in the oven while heating it up for the duck. The rice has onion, garlic, and bell pepper along with a smoky, but not too spicy, Andouille sausage I made with venison.

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