I realized it’s been several weeks since I’ve stepped into the ring for a Friday Food Fight, so I think it’s time to knock the rust off a bit and get back in the game. I don’t want to pull a muscle, so I’ll start easy, with another photo of the Sunday Gravy I made earlier this month. Sticking with the Italian-American theme, my competitor will be Neil Selbicky, who fought a tough one in the last Food Fight against Levi’s beaver. Let’s see if we can put Neil in the winner’s circle this week.

Neil Selbicky’s Venison Lasagna


This could come under the category of venison comfort food. It’s a great dinner dish to use some of that ground venison in your freezer, and it does not take too long to cook on a cold winter’s eve. The key is using no-boil lasagna sheets to save time in preparation.

David’s Sunday Gravy


This is how my Sunday Gravy looked after several hours of simmering in my Dutch oven. From here, I took a couple of forks and shredded those chicken thighs, then added a few fresh herbs and ladled everything over the top of a bowl of al dente penne pasta.

But enough about me, let’s keep the reader’s Food Fight Friday tradition going. Submit your best fish or wild game photos to and we’ll try to feature them here.