In my post last week about what to eat on an ice-fishing trip, I mentioned both moose steaks and fried fish. Well, here are the meals I was talking about–both cooked up by my friend Phil Francone, a native to the Nebraska Panhandle who’s been working out of Cabela’s Canada headquarters for the past couple years. While he’s not quite fully assimilated, he does have a firm handle on the hospitality Canadians are so well known for and opened his home to us for a few days of fun on the ice.

Moose Steaks


Most of the drive through the Dakotas involved white knuckling in whiteout conditions, so the three of us who made the trip were ready for a stiff drink when it was over. Phil had whiskey on hand, and followed that up with these steaks from a moose he shot in Newfoundland last fall. With a wind-chill well below zero, the weather wasn’t really conducive to grilling, so Phil pan-fried the steaks and oven-roasted some asparagus to remind us it really was almost spring even if it didn’t quite feel like it.

Fried Fish


The last day of our adventure was another whiteout; with conditions so bad we couldn’t even make it on the ice. When we made a beer run that morning, there were a few brave Canucks fishing on the Red River, but we all vetoed the idea and decided to stay in instead. Luckily, we had caught some fish the day before, including some perch and northern pike. There were also a few moose steaks leftover, so we add those to the feast as well.

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