This week’s Food Fight Friday features a couple of interesting reader submitted photos. It’s not often we get either crab or band-tailed pigeon on the Wild Chef blog, so I’m pretty excited to feature each here this week. I’m not sure there’s a clear winner here, so I’m going to stare at each picture a bit longer to work up an appetite. I suggest you do the same, then vote for whichever really gets you salivating.

SMC1986’s Crab Cakes


Homemade crab cakes, homemade stuffed ham, kale fresh from grandma’s garden, real mashed potatoes and a chocolate filled strawberry. The crab cakes are made from my last Foodsaver bag of blue crab meat caught last summer trot lining. Stuffed ham is a Southern Maryland delicacy that is a whole corned ham stuffed with kale, cabbage, mustard seed, red pepper flakes and other seasonings then boiled for 7-10 hours. It is delicious and not found anywhere else in the world. I made the stuffed ham myself as well.

Neil Selbicky’s Empanadas


I tried the empanadas recipe the other day. As I did not have enough teal duck, I made up the difference with band-tailed pigeon. It was pretty good! Also filled some morel halves with the mixture. I experimented with Athens phyllo dough and eventually a thicker Pepperidge Farm Puff Pastry. Puff pastry sheets are the way to go. Very easy. I plan to break them out for the NBA Finals.

Keep those great photos coming. You can send yours in to