We’ve got a couple of great reader submissions this week, including frequent Food Fighter Koldkut’s gravlax redux, this time with fresh caught trout. His competitor is Upland_Canuck, a Wild Chef reader who’s getting in the Friday Food Fight for the first time. Good luck to both!

Upland_Canuck’s Pheasant Pot Pie


I started by making my gravy by boiling the legs with carrots, onions, celery and bay leaves, adding salt and pepper to taste. I used breast meat only in the pie – I find it too time consuming to deal with the tendons in the legs. I cooked the breast meat by poaching it in the broth I made before thickening it. I cooked some carrots just enough to soften them up a little, then added them to the pie with peas and more onion. With homemade pastry – it was delicious!

Koldkut’s Trout on Trout


So I took a little heat last time for using store bought salmon. This time I turned a 19″ fat trout into gravlax. But I just couldn’t leave well enough alone. I smoked a mess of other trout last weekend and happened to have some trout and some cream cheese trout dip still around. So I threw some gravlax on the trout dip on a cracker and threw some smoked trout chunks on the side. This time it seems that the dill really infused more flavor into the gravlax than what it did with the store bought salmon.

Think you can compete with these? Than send in your best fish or game photo to and we’ll feature it here.