Last week’s Food Fight winner is back at this week, though with a different alias. Upland_Canuck is actually Upland_Hunter here at Either way, I’m excited to pair up this savory pheasant soup my hearty meatloaf sandwich in this week’s matchup.

Upland_Hunter’s Pheasant Soup


I made my broth by boiling pheasant legs with carrots, onions, celery, and bay leaves. I removed the veggies and the pheasant, and let it boil down to enhance the flavor. I diced up some pheasant breast and let it poach in the broth, along with some carrots and onions. I added salt and pepper to taste. I de-boned the legs and added the meat back to the pot. When almost ready to serve, I added egg noodles and brought the whole thing back to a boil to cook the pasta al dente, then added the peas at the end so they wouldn’t overcook.

David’s Meatloaf Sandwich


My meatloaf recipe is pretty fluid and I’m always experimenting with new flavor additions. This particular batch got a handful of diced porcini mushrooms stems and some wilted spinach. Despite some initial misgivings from my girlfriend, we both deemed the experiment a success. As tasty as it was out of the oven, my spinach-mushroom meatloaf was even better the next day as all meatloaves are–served cold between two slices of good sheepherder’s bread slathered with mayonnaise and ketchup.

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