When you write about eating, drinking and cooking, friends and family members like to ask a lot of questions. Strangers even get in on the act when they find out what I do for a living–especially if they’re also sportsmen. The most common question is typically some variant of “How do you make _______ taste good?” with the blank most often being filled with the word “duck” or “goose” or sometimes “antelope.”

After the first few times this happened, I developed some rote answers, typically a simple cooking tip or quick recipe that would convince them to give duck or goose or antelope another chance at the table. Truthfully, the straight answer, which I should probably have printed on the back of my business cards, would read: “Don’t overcook it.”

I get other questions too, with the uninitiated asking about strange foods I’ve tried or what a particular animal part, usually testicles, tastes like. The answers to those questions depend on the audience. I am, at the end of all, just an entertainer. Like I tell a lot of my gun-writer colleagues who take themselves too seriously, “We’re not curing cancer.”

We are, however, hopefully keeping readers entertained and, yes, maybe even educating them a little bit. And, through this blog, I’ve been educated a lot from readers’ advice and recipes. So I want to open up the forum to see what questions you might have. Leave your question in the comments section below. I’ll pick a few of the best to answer here on my Wild Chef blog.