While I’m betting most of the people who read this blog fire up their grill year round, summertime is when things really heat up over the coals (or propane). As proof, here are a couple of photos Wild Chef readers have sent my way.

JD Wood’s Venison Kabobs


“We were treated to a frozen plethora of venison recently, and I’ve been working on coming up with all sorts of different ways to cook it up. Here I took a pair of small roasts and chunked them up for kabobs. I marinated the meat for two days in A1 smoked hickory sauce. It left just enough flavor as not to take away from the venison. Complementing the venison were bell peppers, baby bella mushrooms, and tomatoes, along with a slice of grilled pineapple and, of course, a nice strong beverage–in this case a stout.”

Zach’s Elk Backstrap


Wild Chef reader Zach also sent in some tasty looking venison, though his comes in the elk variety with some backstrap, grilled rare, with a homemade oil, vinegar, seasoning marinade, which he also saved for drizzling over the meat on the plate. He matched the elk steaks up with some grilled asparagus and a fresh Caesar salad.

All this looks so good I’m definitely going to be firing up the grill tonight. You should, too, and snap a few pics of what’s cooking. Then send them in to, and we’ll feature them here.