Back in April I showed you how to cook bacon and eggs in a paper bag. Now we’re on to roasting hot dogs in a flaming milk carton as shown in this link from Christine and Tim Connors. Sure, you could just impale the dog on a willow and slow roast it over fire, but what’s the fun in that. Instead wrap the dog in foil and stuff it–along with a bunch of newspaper–into an empty carton and fire the whole thing up. Neat? Yes. Practical? Of course not, but who cares?

April’s blog post also elicited a bunch of other unique camp cooking ideas, including a tip from Battlecat for cooking a pot roast in a paper bag buried underneath the campfire’s coals. This method sounds almost crazy enough to try, but something tells me I would end up with an inedible, ash-covered dinner. I think I’ll stick with the Dutch oven for that.

Have any of you tried this or any other unconventional camp cooking recipe? If so, please share your tricks with the rest of us.