I know plenty of fly anglers that like a wee nip of scotch from their flask between casts, whether to celebrate a fish landed or soothe the bruised ego when a trophy refuses to bite. Speyburn Scotch Distillery recognizes that connection between river men and their spirits. The smooth single-malt is crafted using spring water from Granty Burn, a tributary of Scotland’s Spey River famous for its Atlantic salmon run and the namesake casting technique developed on the river. To honor that connection, Speyburn has partnered with American Rivers to contribute $1 for each of the first 3,000 members who sign up for its Clan Speyburn loyalty program. The promotion, which started July 1, will run in retail stores until Sept. 30.

From the press release:
_Speyburn has had a long-standing connection to conservation, fishing and the great outdoors. The brand will also conduct tastings at various American Rivers events throughout the year. Speyburn has been a proud supporter of the organization since 2011.

“We appreciate the value of our fresh water resources and recognize the importance of healthy rivers for the environment–as well as for the production of fine whisky,” said Pat Graney, President of IBHL USA. “American Rivers is a great partner and we’re proud to support and contribute to their ongoing efforts and successes._

In addition to a buck donated in your name to a worthy conservation organization, membership in Clan Speyburn gets you a pretty cool pin, along with a newsletter and special access to exclusive bottlings of Speyburn single malt, which I’d say is well worth the five minutes it takes to sign up.