I get a lot of questions about the best way to used ground venison, as hunters get tired of the usual spaghetti, tacos, and burgers. I’m planning a post soon that will detail several of my suggestions, but until then Wild Chef readers have come through with their own ideas on what to do with that package of ground venison that’s left over at the end of summer. Here are a couple.

MaxPower’s Cabbage Rolls


It’s been a busy summer, but I managed to find time to build some cabbage rolls last night. I fell in love with these while working as a missionary in Ontario; to this day I haven’t met one I didn’t love. I had some ground elk from an old bull I shot two years ago that I used, and they turned out great. The filling is venison, onion, garlic, rice, Worcestershire, and salt and pepper. The sauce is marinara, vinegar, and brown sugar.

Neil Halpern’s Venison Meatballs


These deer meatballs are so good served over rice. The meat actually came from my brother-in-law’s first deer last season in Boligee, Ala. We had an incredible hunt, seeing more than 15 deer and one large mature buck that was chasing does on the neighbor’s side. I told him not to expect that every time!

Keep an eye out on the Wild Chef blog next week for Neil’s meatball recipe. Until then, don’t forget to send photos of your fish or wild game meal to, and we’ll try to feature it here.