The calendar says July 19, so I guess we’re now closer to dove season than we are turkey season. Still, it seems like yesterday we were haunting the spring woods, with an ear open to the sounds of a gobbler and eyes peeled for wild mushrooms. These two Wild Chef readers found both and shared the results for this week’s Food Fight Friday.

Neil J. Selbicky’s Skillet Wild Mushrooms and Potatoes with Fontina Cheese


What’s for breakfast? Sauteed potatoes, puffball mushrooms, and morels with scrambled eggs. Sometimes while hunting for morels we find other edible wild mushrooms. This weekend we stumbled upon a couple of large puffball mushrooms. Slices of wild puffball mushroom mix well with morels in this breakfast combo of Skillet Wild Mushrooms and Potatoes with Cheese.
Cody Bruce’s Smoked Turkey**


Ever meet someone who can do no wrong? My dad decided to go turkey hunting this year and had excellent luck. He grabbed my waterfowl gun (a Benelli Nova) and a handful of shells (turns out that they were steel No. 2s) and commenced to call two gobblers across not one, but TWO country roads. Meanwhile, I couldn’t get a bird to respond for anything. We decided that we wanted to smoke dad’s tom for Independence Day. Needless to say, we were happy with the result. We brined the bird for 10 hours, and it definitely made the difference. Even after 6 hours on the smoker, it was still moist. We smoked it over cherry wood and spritzed it with apple juice occasionally.

We’re getting short on reader submissions for future Food Fights, so get your best fish or wild game photos along with a short description of the dish to so we can feature them here.